Any evacuee who has changed their address should submit a Notification of Change of Address to the local post office. So that your […]
For those who are planning to move to the Sapporo City area, the Niseko area, or the Hakodate City area, Hokkaido Help offers […]
Contents Chuo-ward office 中央区役所(仮)Kita-ward office 北区役所 Toyohira-ward office 豊平区役所 Shiroishi-ward office 白石区役所 Higashi-ward office 東区役所 Atsubetsu-ward office 厚別区役所Kiyota-ward office 清田区役所 Minami-ward office 南区役所 Nishi-ward […]
House Hunting for Entrepreneurs This article focuses on house-hunting in Hokkaido, primarily in Sapporo, Japan. It’s important to note that the process and […]
In this article provides specific options and steps for choosing an office space when preparing for the Start-up Visa in Sapporo City or […]
Converting Foreign Driver’s License to a Japanese license Hokkaido is a big place and some foreigners want to drive a car.In this article, […]
The Japanese Preparatory Course for International Students, commonly known as “ryugaku-sei bekka” in Japan, is a program designed for non-native Japanese speakers who […]
Hello! I am the world’s best editor. In this issue, I would like to talk about some of Hokkaido’s workplaces that I would […]
There are many coworking spaces in Sapporo.For those who work remotely and want to work in Hokkaido, where it is cooler in the […]