List of Hokkaido moving companies

English available

English speaker is in Tokyo and only online estimate is available in English. The moving day would be by Japanese staff only.

Using translation apps to communicate with foreigners. Require to have a LINE account to get an estimate. 

Hokkaido local (Japanese only)

  1. Good Hikkoshi center
  2. Maruei
  3. Yale Hikkoshi center

More moving companies(Japanese only)

A Japanese speaker with you on the estimate and the moving day is preferable.

A Japanese speaker with you on the estimate and the moving day is preferable.

When is the peak moving season in Japan?

The busiest season throughout the year is probably March and April. This trend is the same throughout Japan, not just in Hokkaido.

Saturdays and Sundays are more crowded than weekdays, and many people prefer to move in the morning.

If you ask when is the best season to move, the off-season when there is no snowfall is the cheapest and you can plan with more time to spare in Hokkaido. However, the time of year to move is often influenced by external reasons such as work, school, or finding a good house or apartment, rather than being free to choose any time of the year.

If you are planning to move in March or April, it is a good idea to contact a moving company and schedule your move as soon as possible. Reservations usually start coming in around November and are often filled between December and January. If you look for a moving company right before March, you may have hit the wall that none of the movers are available.

We recommend that you plan well in advance.

Should I get multiple moving quotes?

The answer is definitely yes. Even Japanese people, who often have the impression that they do not negotiate prices very much, are more likely to get multiple estimates from moving companies. 

However, there are cases where a company pays all moving expenses due to a transfer, etc. In such cases, you may only be able to use your company-designated mover or a partner mover, which may be cheaper. 

You can get a lump-sum quote online, or select 2-3 movers and contact them.

Getting multiple quotes is a good idea.

Is there an English-speaking moving company in Japan?

English-speaking moving companies do exist. It is easy to imagine a company that is relatively large and has branches abroad. Compared to Tokyo, there are fewer options in Sapporo and Hokkaido.

Do not worry. You can move even if you do not speak Japanese in Hokkaido. However, if you do not speak Japanese at all, your options are below.

Choose from English-speaking movers.

Ask a Japanese-speaking friend or family member to help you get an estimate.

If you could get an estimate in Japanese, you will have more choices of moving companies and it will be easier to find a lower price. 

Many estimates can be completed online these days. You may be asked to upload photos to get an idea of the amount of furniture, books, and other belongings in your room, so make sure to prepare these in advance.

3 things in mind to move in Hokkaido, Japan?

  1. If you are moving during the snowy season, be prepared in advance. If the distance to be moved is long on snow-covered roads, it may take longer, and the move may not be completed on time. In addition, snow-covered roads are narrower than in summer. If your house faces a wide street, you do not need to worry. However, if your house faces a narrow street (like a private road), you will need to discuss the size of your truck on moving day well in advance.
  2. Some older apartments, even those on the third or fourth floor, do not have elevators. In these cases, appliances and large furniture must be carried up the stairs, which needs extra cost. Let movers know in advance.
  3. In Japan, only three types of businesses are authorized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism to perform moving services. Be careful not to get into trouble by using unlicensed movers just because they are cheap. Check the legitimacy of the movers can ensure that your stuff is being transported legally and safely.