Dosanko meaning
What does Dosanko mean? The simple answer is…Dosanko means Hokkaido or a person from Hokkaido. Initially, it is an ancient breed type of horse in Hokkaido, but as slang, it means a person born or raised in Hokkaido, or both. When people hear the word “Dosanko,” […]
Hello! I am the world’s best editor. In this issue, I would like to talk about some of Hokkaido’s workplaces that I would like to recommend to you all Hokkaido is known for its natural beauty and abundant gastronomy. For this reason, more and more people […]
There are many coworking spaces in Sapporo.For those who work remotely and want to work in Hokkaido, where it is cooler in the summer, this can be a useful place to work on the side. You can work in a professional environment. Work with focus, imagination, and […]
For those who are planning to move to the Sapporo City area, the Niseko area, or the Hakodate City area, Hokkaido Help offers paid support services to support you to complete the procedure. If you are interested, please contact us through CONTACT for inquiries. 1. Resident […]
The Japanese Preparatory Course for International Students, commonly known as “ryugaku-sei bekka” in Japan, is a program designed for non-native Japanese speakers who wish to improve their Japanese language skills in order to pursue higher education at Japanese universities or vocational schools. The program provides Japanese […]
Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center For Hokkaido resident Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation If you have difficulties moving in, we can accompany some procedures or connect to the specialties of […]
First, compared to Tokyo, there are fewer job openings for foreigners in Sapporo and Hokkaido. One possible reason is that the market is small, as the number of foreigners living in Hokkaido is less than one-tenth of those living in Tokyo. In addition, there are many […]
Any evacuee who has changed their address should submit a Notification of Change of Address to the local post office. So that your mail can be forwarded to your new address for one year for free. Mail can be forwarded to any evacuation shelter in Japan, […]
House Hunting for Entrepreneurs This article focuses on house-hunting in Hokkaido, primarily in Sapporo, Japan. It’s important to note that the process and initial costs of house-hunting can vary by region in Japan, so pay attention to the following tips. Initial Costs In Japan, the initial […]
Move-in process to Hokkaido
Documents For Address Change Notification Sapporo City Application Form Print it out in A4 size and fill it out. As of February 26, 2023. Please check the latest version at Sapporo City Official Website.
Chuo-ward office 中央区役所(仮) 札幌市 中央区役所 (仮庁舎) Kita-ward office 北区役所 札幌市 北区役所 Toyohira-ward office 豊平区役所 札幌市 豊平区役所 Shiroishi-ward office 白石区役所 札幌市 白石区役所 Higashi-ward office 東区役所 札幌市 東区役所 Atsubetsu-ward office 厚別区役所 札幌市 厚別区役所 Kiyota-ward office 清田区役所 札幌市 清田区役所 Minami-ward office 南区役所 札幌市 南区役所 Nishi-ward office 西区役所 札幌市 西区役所 Teine-ward […]
Converting Foreign Driver’s License to a Japanese license Hokkaido is a big place and some foreigners want to drive a car.In this article, we will explain how to convert from a foreign driver’s license to a Japanese license.These procedures can be tedious and time-consuming if you […]
Can foreigners get a mortgage in Hokkaido? Yes, foreigners can also use mortgage loans. While it is possible to borrow without permanent residency, many banks often require applicants to have permanent residency. Hokkaido’s well-known banks, Hokkaido Bank and Hokuyo Bank, both require applicants for mortgage loans […]
In this article provides specific options and steps for choosing an office space when preparing for the Start-up Visa in Sapporo City or Hokkaido, aiming towards the Business Management Visa. What Options are Available? Let’s begin with the first step by exploring the available options. Simultaneously, […]
When it comes to finding the best real estate agent in Japan, there are several key factors to consider. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy property, making the right choice can significantly impact your experience. Here are five essential tips to help you find the […]
List of Hokkaido moving companies English available English speaker is in Tokyo and only online estimate is available in English. The moving day would be by Japanese staff only. Using translation apps to communicate with foreigners. Require to have a LINE account to get an estimate.  […]
Types of Accommodation for Foreigners Firstly, there are several options for foreigners to find accommodation: Renting Apartments in Japan – For Foreigners Requirements for Foreigners to Enter into Regular Lease Agreements Once the registration process is completed, your address will be recorded on the back of […]
Living in Hokkaido, it is certainly convenient to speak even a little Japanese. Japanese is a more difficult language than learning English because you have to learn three types of Japanese: hiragana, katakana, and kanji, but even learning a few spoken words will make your life […]