What does Dosanko mean?

The simple answer is…Dosanko means Hokkaido or a person from Hokkaido.

Initially, it is an ancient breed type of horse in Hokkaido, but as slang, it means a person born or raised in Hokkaido, or both. When people hear the word “Dosanko,” they think of Hokkaido, so it is sometimes used to mean Hokkaido like Dosanko company which means a company located in Hokkaido.

So, when you see someone called “Dosanko,” don’t think of him/her as a horse.

How to use the Dosanko word

We do not use “I am Dosanko.” in situations we say ”I am Japanese.”

For example, if you move to Tokyo for work and introduce yourself as being from Hokkaido, you might get a response like, “Wow you are a Dosanko.”  Other listings, such as the Dosanko Company Introductions list, would mean companies located in Hokkaido.

What are some of the things that are called “Dosanko”?

Dosanko Wide is the name of a TV program on the STV channel of a Hokkaido television station.

Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza is an official Hokkaido store selling Hokkaido food and products, with a web store and real stores throughout Japan.

There is also a restaurant in Canada called Dosanko, run by a woman from Hokkaido.

To be “Dosanko”

You can find a house or apartment to live in Hokkaido. We can support finding your place in Hokkaido without a hassle. Drop us a line when you are ready to be “Dosanko”