First, compared to Tokyo, there are fewer job openings for foreigners in Sapporo and Hokkaido. One possible reason is that the market is small, as the number of foreigners living in Hokkaido is less than one-tenth of those living in Tokyo. In addition, there are many job openings in Hokkaido however, some mismatch between the type of work desired by foreigners and the type of work open. This often happens to the Japanese also.

Can I work even if I cannot speak Japanese?

Yes, there are jobs in Sapporo and Hokkaido where you can work even if you do not speak Japanese. However, many jobs require a minimum of N4-level Japanese due to the employing company’s unfamiliarity with English hiring procedures.

Let’s look at jobs where beginners can work even if they do not speak Japanese well.  The first job that comes to mind is, yes, teaching English.

English teaching jobs in Sapporo and Hokkaido

Teaching at public schools as an ALT

Assistant English Teacher(ALT) teaches public elementary schools, junior high school, and high school.  Since the fiscal year begins in April, most of the applications are accepted according to that schedule. JET, Interac, and local authority education boards would-be employers.  Mostly, Full-time or part-time positions are available.

Teaching at English schools or  English conversation classes

Teaching English to Japanese people or English learners. Since this market is the largest, there will be many choices from large to private schools. There will be openings throughout the year.  It is a good idea to check the age groups you teach, such as adults, students, kids, etc to take your specialties most. Mostly, part-time and Full-time positions are available.

Teaching at  private schools

Private schools and after-school schools are also looking for English teachers. These include Hokkaido International School and Sapporo International School in Sapporo and Niseko, as well as English after-school schools. It is advisable to check the target age range. Mostly, part-time and Full-time positions are available.